Amateur Scribe

(The Original)


Some sketches written circa 2009... Inspired by watching the Peter Serafinowicz Show and Katy Brand and thinking: "Sweet Jesus - if THIS is getting commissioned..."


Hardly Fry and Laurie, I grant you - but I'm particularly fond of Whisker Wars...

dead parrot mini churchill bendtner clooney Cooler old bailey Dick Dastardly paxman

Whisker Wars


Moustachioed outcasts in a cruel world where beards are mandatory plot their revenge against Brian Blessed. Obviously.


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Soccer School


Life skills for the football professional of tomorrow.


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Doug's Doppelgangers


Need to surprise that special someone with a top class lookalike? Doug's your man...


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BBC Staff Exchange Scheme


Multitasking at Auntie


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Honest Court Reporter


Just say what's on your mind, son...


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Product Placement


Well, if you WILL hang around water coolers all day...


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