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"Advertising is the rattling of a stick inside a swill bucket"

George Orwell

Some other interesting sites i've stumbled upon...

Superior football satirists - these splendid folks have the privilege of their logo displaying at the the top of the links page purely by dint of recruiting me as a contributor. Click here to read my "Bags" and then surf around some of the other fine articles. Back of the net.

More of my moonlighting. Breaking News-type articles. The site has some questionable material which hides a handful of real gems (and I'm not just talking about the ones I wrote).

Amusingly named UK-based humorous news site with some sharply incisive stories I wish I'd thought of. (Sounds a bit like "Runt", you see?)

Thousands of other humour (the "u" is very important) websites across the globe.

A poke in the eye of misery with the tentpole of joy. An assembly and roll call of sketches, monologues, articles and satire, both British. Jolly fine fare...

Americans? Writing funny, incisive spoof news stories laced with satire and irony??
Surely not? And, just for the record, I didn't nick the idea of a "Breaking News" section from them. Honest. Anyway, it's more an homage than a blatant copyright infringement. At least that's what I'll tell the lawyers.

Times columnist. Certainly the funniest writer in Murdoch's employ, Smith, unlike many broadsheet journalists, benefits hugely from not being wedged firmly up his own jacksie. Also the owner of quite possibly the cushiest job in the world - watching sport on television and then writing about it. Bastard.

Not only is this man cleverer, funnier and much, much more original than me, he is also (if the laments of his nom de plume are to be believed), penniless, unemployable and still residing at the home of his parents. Not much hope for me then, I fear.

My stab at movie reviewing. I hardly think Barry Norman will be shitting his pants, but some of them are passable.

With something approaching 80 billion hits every nanosecond, Aunty hardly needs promotion from me, yet I have a strange and unshakeable affection for this most antiquated news corporation. They may be ponderous and old-fashioned, breaking stories several decades after jumped up youngsters like Sky and CNN, but, hey, why drive a Porsche when you can pootle along in a clapped out Morris Minor?

I must confess to being more of an armchair football fan these days. I would struggle to put names to the faces of a lot of Premiership players, let alone know the inside thigh measurement of the Scunthorpe reserve goalkeeper. But these guys are hardcore: Unashamedly geeky footie anoraks. Still, the content is tolerable and the lookalikes raise the occasional chortle.

A sideways look at the inextricably linked worlds of London real estate and Southend United Football Club.

Fake News and Real Comment from the Atlanta Center For Policy Analysis

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