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Britney Finally Passes Rolling Stones Audition

Jagger was still somewhat reluctant, however - fearing that the Stones' hardman image may be compromised by the inclusion of a feeble woman on backing vocals. "I suppose, as we get older, our hiring standards have inevitably slipped," he said. "Poor old Charlie (Watts) was forced to drink a bottle of absinthe before stripping naked and goosing the Archbishop of Canterbury during a live Songs of Praise broadcast. Those were the days when men were men."

There remained one voice of dissent as Spears boarded the tour bus: "It'll end in tears," guitarist Keith Richards said gruffly through a haze of crystal meths and marijuana smoke. "They'll be inviting Amy Winehouse to join us next. Well let me tell you this: Until she sets fire to that bee-hive while bungee-jumping into a giant vat of finest Columbian Marching Powder, she can forget it."

rolling stones

"Hit me baby one more time...with some crack and a large scotch. Actually, better make that two large scotches. Tell you what - just bring the whole bottle."

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