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2009 Season Stats

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2009 summary

Note: This is a new format for the stats - Much easier to update them this way as I simply take them from Peter's master spreadsheets. That's why everything is recorded and you don't have to meet any pesky criteria like "Minimum 10 overs" to get a mention. On an entirely separate subject, check out who is top of the bowling averages...

2009 Best

Best Performances

Most Inspirational Team-talks                       8                                     D Rinaldi

Most egg sandwiches consumed                5                                     D Rinaldi

Most number of mispronounced vowels   175                                  D Rinaldi

Most expletives after inept fielding               17                                    D Rinaldi

Irritatingly good at everything award                                                     D Rinaldi

Most Handsome                                                                         Well, Goochie, obviously

Money Programme All-time Averages